Slow Sun

by Mooth



released September 14, 2013

Recorded and mixed by bluEsForCE at Downtown Studios, Pavia - Italy.
Mastering by Simone Giorgi.
Produced By Mooth and William Novati.
Artwork by Gabriele Calvi
All songs are thought, arranged and written by Mooth.

2013 Toilet Smokers Club / Martiné Records.




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record label based at
downtown studios, pavia, italy

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Track Name: Debra De Santo was a heartbreaker
Light the fire
When the winter comes
From Babel’s Tower
Fall the bricks of roses
Bended down trees
Stairway for the sun
You get on your knees
To please another one

Debra, we’ve lost the best years
We’ve lost everything

Grow the flowers
When the winter comes
You’re the summer
Who give me the fun
Sinless in sin
Sickness leaves you alone
But you get on your knees
To please another one

Debra we’ve lost the best years

Clean as water/ clean as water

Remember me
Our life together
Your last embrace
Your eyes forever
We’ll drink again
A cup of ever
Just filled with sun
That burns the flavours

Where is my home
Your heart
Where is my bones
Just gone.
Track Name: M.D.M.A.
Worm's dragging on my feet 

Tears my legs broke by 

by my heart's beat 

tears' dusts are in line.

All of us against the wall!

Chorus of hanged voices 

around this altar of anger 

Chorus of hanged voices 

around this altar of anger.

I wanna choose 
how I've to lose
Track Name: Skeletons
Massacrated by Lady Nature heartless

Listen to your sons 

They're calling your name 

So give us the money 

We are tryin’ to change 

We got thirst!

Massacrated by faith we stare down 

Day's over

Bones’ broken

No ceiling

We live like skeletons

No moon shines in the well

Cracking ground

Soil in the air

Sun burns the skin 

Like Nero's pitch 
tears of resin 

We cry like skeletons
Track Name: Bloodrop
I'll scratch my hands
to see them bleed
And to feel alive
my dying body.

Then I'll scratch my face
drills like roots
of a flower that I want
to draw for my good.

And I'll draw it from my chest
till my knees
and every drop will be
a new shining leave.
Track Name: Red carpet on the hillside
No Air , there's no air
T'rains soil on the roofs of this place
Burnin' trees, torch of pitch
The northern sun doesn't warm but freeze
Rush the moves, stop the thoughts
I saw a thousand light, then I forgot
A squinter's army, hyaline pupils
Armless' hands are killing people.

Pieces of meet drown in the mud
were part of me, better of my heart
Everything's dead, deleted and razed
Sky is red , sky is red
Because something still blazes.

It's so hot in the mouths of these men
the tongue passes on lips ,weting the cracks
words that are sweating, slide on the neck
Silence the noise, deflagrating my head.

Track Name: Viscera
Retching of bore

Quiet's struck dumb

Sorrow overflows

From viscera hung by my heart 

So learn, my friend, to lose

Mistakes become your pains 

Los pecados castigado em Jesus 

And you call His name

in a glass of wine 

your lungs like trains

throb hate in the veins.

Bodies divided 
in a common night,

we lost our rights. 

And you saw it soon 

that became june 
and all flowers died.

Burn the sorrow in vain

So come liars 
I hate mistakes 

No one helped me 
you'll should be on fire

I, you, and Him disarmed.
Track Name: Black host
“I'm a slave for fate” said
The young man to his Lord
“Let me free for one day
as I never been before”
The Lord smiling answered:
“You'd risk everything?!
For a moment of pleasure
Like the original sin”
“Please, Lord, don't blame me
like I don't blame you.
I'd burn all the Eden
to do what I would!
Just one day I asked you
To go everywhere.
If in my back you refused me,
I'do the same again”

We are so young.
Track Name: Fletcher McGee
I pray for rain
and to come down the world
It must listen to groan
The solitary doors
I pray for rain
It gotta rain acid
to corrode the rough hearts
and turn'em in something else
I pray for rain
It must rain on my face
So I can hide the tears
that break my pride

You got no right to be sick
If you hurt some
You got no right to be sick
when you're none

You crawl when I’m falling in.